Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions: 200-301 CCNA Exam Guide: Begin a successful career in networking with 200-301 CCNA certification

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Prepare to take the Cisco Certified Network Associate (200-301 CCNA) exam and get to grips with the essentials of networking, security, and automation

Key Features

  • Secure your future in network engineering with this intensive boot camp-style certification guide
  • Gain knowledge of the latest trends in Cisco networking and security and boost your career prospects
  • Design and implement a wide range of networking technologies and services using Cisco solutions

Book Description

In the dynamic technology landscape, staying on top of the latest technology trends is a must, especially if you want to build a career in network administration. Achieving CCNA 200-301 certification will validate your knowledge of networking concepts, and this book will help you to do just that.

This exam guide focuses on the fundamentals to help you gain a high-level understanding of networking, security, IP connectivity, IP services, programmability, and automation. Starting with the functions of various networking components, you’ll discover how they are used to build and improve an enterprise network. You’ll then delve into configuring networking devices using a command-line interface (CLI) to provide network access, services, security, connectivity, and management. The book covers important aspects of network engineering using a variety of hands-on labs and real-world scenarios that will help you gain essential practical skills. As you make progress, this CCNA certification study guide will help you get to grips with the solutions and technologies that you need to implement and administer a broad range of modern networks and IT infrastructures.

By the end of this book, you’ll have gained the confidence to pass the Cisco CCNA 200-301 exam on the first attempt and be well-versed in a variety of network administration and security engineering solutions.

What you will learn

  • Understand the benefits of creating an optimal network
  • Create and implement IP schemes in an enterprise network
  • Design and implement virtual local area networks (VLANs)
  • Administer dynamic routing protocols, network security, and automation
  • Get to grips with various IP services that are essential to every network
  • Discover how to troubleshoot networking devices

Who this book is for

This guide is for IT professionals looking to boost their network engineering and security administration career prospects. If you want to gain a Cisco CCNA certification and start a career as a network security professional, you’ll find this book useful. Although no knowledge about Cisco technologies is expected, a basic understanding of industry-level network fundamentals will help you grasp the topics covered easily.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Networking
  2. Getting Started with Cisco IOS Devices
  3. IP Addressing and Subnetting
  4. Detecting Physical Issues, Wireless Architectures and Virtualization
  5. Implementing VLANs, Layer 2 Discovery Protocols, and EtherChannels
  6. Understanding and Configuring Spanning-Tree
  7. Interpreting Routing Components
  8. Understanding First Hop Redundancy, Static and Dynamic Routing
  9. Configuring Network Address Translation (NAT)
  10. Implementing Network Services and IP Operations
  11. Exploring Network Security
  12. Configuring Device Access Control and VPNs
  13. Implementing Access Control Lists
  14. Implementing Layer 2 and Wireless Security
  15. Network Automation and Programmability Techniques
  16. Mock Exam 1
  17. Mock Exam 2

From the Publisher

CCNA certificationCCNA certification

Interview with author Glen SinghInterview with author Glen Singh

What’s your background in CCNA, and how has this helped you write the book?

Years ago, I started my CCNA journey as a student of the Cisco Networking Academy. During my enrollment period, I had covered over 150 practical hands-on labs in various topics which prepared me for the industry. After passing my CCNA exam, I gained a significant amount of experience working in both small as well as large Internet Service Providers (ISP) as a Network Support Engineer.

As a Networking Instructor with over 5+ years’ experience, I have trained over 1000 students. I wanted to share my knowledge and create Cisco CCNA content in a much easier way for anyone to understand and help aspiring people gain a highly reputable, industry-recognized networking certification.

What are the key features of the Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions: 200-301 CCNA Exam Guide?



CCNA certificate

CCNA certificate

CCNA scenarios mock exam

CCNA scenarios mock exam

Practice labs

Featuring a dedicated chapter on building a personal networking lab to help you further your skills. Each lab is designed using real-world scenarios to provide a realistic approach to implementing networking solutions.

All-in-one certification guide

From starting a career in networking to achieving one of the most sought-after certifications, this book covers everything you need to become an expert network professional. Unlike other guides, the book covers the entire certification in one volume.

Real-world applications

All chapters are filled with real-world scenarios with a mix of analogies and in-depth discussions using a student-centric approach so that you can firmly understand each topic and apply what you’ve learned in your daily work.

ccna ccna

Why did you want to write this book, and who will benefit from reading it most?

The main goal of writing this book is to simply give back to the community and help others achieve one of the most popular and challenging networking certifications within the industry, Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA). As a cybersecurity and networking instructor, I’ve heard from many students and professionals about the challenges they experience during their networking journey and career. So, I wanted to create an all-in-one guide that provides in-depth discussions of challenging topics such as VLANs, STP, NAT, and VLSM, and even implementation of network security.

I’ve written this book for people who are interested in pursuing a career in networking and want to achieve CCNA certification. It’s an excellent resource for both beginners and seasoned professionals who are looking to acquire new skills and boost their career, starting by teaching the fundamentals of networking and gradually progressing to advanced topics for designing and implementing an enterprise network.

CCNA Exam GuideCCNA Exam Guide

What makes this book different from other CCNA exam guides?

Over the years, I’ve realized that many books are written in a highly technical format with the expectation that the reader will already be a professional within the field. Clearly, this is not good if we think from the perspective of aspiring CCNA professionals! This book is filled with hands-on labs that will teach you how to set up an enterprise network, configure, and troubleshoot various issues.

Besides understanding the theoretical concepts with ease, you’ll gain the hands-on experience needed for the industry, all with the help of vibrant illustrations, diagrams, and snippets which provide a better visual learning experience, while making the content easier to understand. I’ve also included mock exams at the end which are specially designed to help you reinforce your learning.

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